Tecsun PL-360 Digital PLL Portable AM/FM Shortwave Radio Review

While you think of a list of features that a modern shortwave radio can offer? Well, whatever answer comes in your mind, I think you will definitely keep ‘Good Sensitivity’ at somewhere top of the list.

Tecsun PL-360 is one such model that promises to provide great sensitivity. Unlike many digital radios, it didn’t keep an option of digital tuning. Instead, it has dial to find and save stations. Although, tuning with a dial is slow, but way more precise than typical models.

There are a bunch of other features of Tecsun PL-360 that I would like to highlight on. Let’s keep reading-

Product Description:

DSP technology for clarity and high quality:

Due to DSP technology, the PL-360 ensures high tone quality and excellent clarity. Thus, you can experience the clear and open sound of the DSP receivers. Though the speaker doesn’t give much bass, you can find the difference in between the FM stereo and the earphones.

High sensitivity AM antenna

The PL-360 has AM ferrite antenna which plugs into the top to increase AM reception. It’s a high sensitivity antenna perfect for getting the station with weak signals or the long distance AM.

USB jack for charging

This radio is powered by 3 AA batteries which are not provided with the delivery. Besides, it has mini USB jack 5V DC. Thus, while using the jack, you can charge the rechargeable battery if required. The USB jack is compatible with the phone charger or PC.

Different Tuning method

For tuning, you can experience 4 methods. These are- Tuning knob, ATS tuning, memory, and ETM or easy tuning mode.

A click-stopped encoder for tuning

For tuning, it has a click-stopped rotary encoder that tunes the radio 9-10kHz or medium wave and 1kHz steps for short wave. As you can’t have a direct entry for exact frequency, thus, it’s a tiring job to tune all day with 1kHz steps for getting the outside broadcast band.

Easy tuning mode ETM

Its unique feature is ETM method. It does a comprehensive scanning for all receivable frequencies. But here, the best part is, it doesn’t take the memory space. Besides, you can tune to the next signal with the help of click-stop tuning control.

You can also check for the HP propagation, but it stops at 22MHz. Finally, for the travel lover, it’s a great toy to carry with.

Easy portability and lightweight

The Tecsun PL-360 is a portable radio with only 4.5 ounces weight. So you can easily carry this radio while backpacking. This is lightweight and user-friendly. Thus, you can easily manipulate the radio without trouble.

Solid body:

The built quality is quite good and of high quality. Moreover, the tuning dial is detented perfectly.

FM/SW wire antenna for the unheard station by telescopic antenna:

While you're attaching the clip of FM/SW wire antenna, FM band starts to get its life. Moreover, it can overload signals on SW powerhouse station. Though it’s not that much sensitive like PL-660, it can detect many unheard waves.

Digital display for easy reading

The Tecsun PL-360 is sensitive tech gadget. It displays signal to noise ratio, signal strength. Thus, you can easily manipulate the position of the radio. Besides, for SW, it’s a great advantage too for knowing the exact band instead of guessing.

Lock button to store the batteries

Lock button in the radio works quite well. Even when the radio is unlocked, it doesn’t turn on by itself. Thus, it’s great feature for not draining the batteries while you’re on travel and long journey.

Good reception and sound system:

The reception and sound quality of this PL-360 are excellent. This camper performs better than any small radio or larger radio wit expensive one. Without the additional antenna, it can pick up to 25 clear AM and 15FM station. Moreover, the external antenna is also there for a great difference in the AM reception.

Other accessories provided with the delivery

You’re not getting only the radio rather other accessories are available with the radio. These are- carrying pouch, external AM antenna, stereo earphones and manual in English

Memory system, Clock alarm and temperature sensor:

In the PL-360, you can get in total 450 memories for tuning to your preferred stations. Moreover, the radio has built-in clock and alarm setting function. It also has sleep timer. Thus, you can daily sleep at the correct time.

Again, the radio displays temperature. So you’re getting now that it has temperature sensors for measuring temperature. When the radio is switched off, it still shows temperature and time.


  • Ensures clarity and higher quality tone
  • Solidly built body
  • Pick up wide range like SW, AM, and FM.
  • USB jack for charging option
  • External AM antenna
  • Affordable
  • Easy to use
  • Portable
  • Runs for a long time with 3 AA battery


  • For longer use, the AM antenna might get loose
  • You need patience for manual tuning.


Though you might need patience for the manual tuning, it’s a great camper for traveling due to easy portability. Considering the price and great features like ETM mode and DSP technology, you can pick this product for excellent scanning and selectivity.

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