How to Cut Stainless Steel Sheet

Looking for a tool that would be sufficient to cut your stainless steel sheet? Well, then there are several options. Which one to pick, depends on the thickness of your stainless steel plate.

You can use simple power tools, circular saw, for example, if the thickness is under a quarter inch. But if the plates are thicker, (¼-1 ½ inches), then you’ll require more powerful and expensive tools. Plasma cutter is such an example.

There are other tools those can accomplish your job perfectly. Depending upon the specific type of the sheet, below we described how to get your job done with them.

Setting up the work space

This is the first step regardless whatever the tool you select. Setting up a suitable workplace means managing a safe and stable work area. As cutting metal sheets evolves fire sparks, so the place must be away from combustible items. When you are cutting the metal, sparks will fly around. So it’s a must condition that you keep yourself and your partner safe.

Tools for safety

  • protective goggles
  • protective gloves
  • long-sleeve protective top
  • face shield
  • a stainless steel marker

Cutting by circular saw

A circular saw is used mainly for cutting woods. But you can also use it for your work purpose by using the right metal blade. The thinner stainless sheet can be cut by using a blade designed for metal cutting.

Step1. Place your metal sheet on the top of plywood. It’ll provide a strong backing. Then mark the place where you wish to cut.

Step2.Now insert the blade into the saw

Step3. Then cut through the line and keep moving on till you finish.

Step4. You can use electric fire or a file or a grinder to smoothen the edge of cutting.

Cutting by cut off saw

Cut off saw is also for cutting thinner stainless steel. Pneumatic cut off saw will be even better as it adds power through the air pressure.

Step1. Use a full face shield. It’s the most important thing to do with it as small metal pieces fly around while working.

Step 2. Now using a stainless steel marker, draw the shape you want to cut out.

Step3. Now slowly lower the blade onto the spot and move it along the line. It’s important not to pause while doing the cutting.

Step4. By using a grinder or file, deburr the edges and smoothen them out.

Cutting by jigsaw

Jigsaw performs incredibly when you want to make delicate cuts.

Step 1. Pick a fine toothed carbide blade. It’s important as friction heats up the stainless steel very quickly. It transfers to the metal blade and thus can get soften or even break. Toothed carbide doesn’t react like this too quickly.

Step2. Now cut through the blade. The thing to be taken care of is that you run the blade at a slower pace. It’ll minimize the heating up due to friction. Also, don’t exert any force on the blade. Otherwise, it’ll add extra friction to it.

Cutting by plasma cutter

Now it’s the plasma cutter that outshines all other tools stated above. It provides smoother cut than the circular saw, jigsaw or any other tools. As it uses a high-temperature energy beam, it can cut thicker pieces without many problems.

Step1. First of all, set the machine according to its instructions. Check whether the air pressure is set correctly or not before you start operating it.

Step 2. Draw the area you want to cut off. Then put on safety equipment such as protective gloves, goggles, and face shield.

Step3. Select a spot where to make the first hole.

Step 4. Then the negative cable is to be clamped to the section you will work.

Step5. Place the torch end at a distance of at least 3 inches from the steel surface.

Step 6.In case you use a drag cup, put it on the machine. It eases maintaining a constant distance away from the steel surface.

Step 7. Now approach toward that spot with the plasma cutter at an angle of 60 degrees. Then rotate it slowly such that it takes a vertical position with the metal sheet.

Step 8. Then run the plasma cutter slow but steadily over the line of the shape you drew on the metal.

Plasma cutter makes clean cuts. So usually there’s no need to sand down the edges additionally.

Final Verdict

In conclusion, we can say, cutting any metal sheet is a bit difficult to do. But it gets easier once you determine the thickness of the plate and choose the right tool to work with.

Whatever the tool you choose, it’s obvious to ensure the safety first. Follow the instructions and take proper safety measurements. Never touch the edges of the cutting before they are smoothened. In short, cutting stainless steel is the sum of choosing the best tool and proper approach.

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