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How to Cut Stainless Steel Sheet

Looking for a tool that would be sufficient to cut your stainless steel sheet? Well, then there are several options. Which one to pick, depends on the thickness of your stainless steel plate. You can use simple power tools, circular saw, for example, if the thickness is under a quarter inch. But if the plates are […]

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How to Use a Plasma Cutter

Are you looking for a machine to use for cutting or gouging or piercing a metal sheet? Then a plasma cutter is probably the best possible choice! The best thing is that it gives you the freedom of ‘freeform cuttings.’ Also, it costs low, is portable and minimizes the HAZ (heat affected zone). But how to […]

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Plasma Cutting Circle Guide

Need to cut circles on metal plates with a plasma cutter? Then you’ve probably heard of circle cutting guides too. So, what is this circle cutting guide? And how to use it? By using a plasma cutter, you can pierce, gauge or bevel metal plates. Whether conductive or poorly conductive, you can cut both of them […]

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