Top 10 Best Shower Radio Reviews with Buying Guideline 2019

Have you ever found yourself singing your favorite songs while taking a bath? Better yet, maybe you turn up the volume of the stereo to listen to your best songs.

Well, don’t you think that could be a little uncomfortable for other people in the house or even the neighbors? It sure would. But what if I told you there is a way you can listen to your music as you bathe, without disrupting other people’s peace? Experts from says, shower radio can help you with that.

With the best shower radios out there, music lovers can be sure of staying entertained as they are bathing.

Now, you might wonder ‘won’t the radio be risky to use around the bathroom’? The answer is no; it won’t be risky. It’s actually very safe, but we will come to that later.

First, let’s consider what it takes to find a good bathroom stereo.

What should you look out for? Can you just pick any radio you find out there? Is there a specific criterion you will need to follow?

You don’t have to worry about a thing because we are here to answer all these questions for you. So, tighten your seat belt because we are about to have a long and enjoyable flight.

Let’s take off.

Things To Consider Before Buying a Shower Stereo

We promised we’ll help you with the proper buying guide of a bathroom radio, and we must keep that promise. Now, when it comes to finding a good unit for using in the bathroom, there are some things you must keep in mind. Question is; what are those things you should consider?

1. The Sound Output 

The main reason you are used to turning up the volume of your stereo in the living room is that you want to hear the song perfectly even as the water runs down in the bathroom. So, when choosing a stereo/speaker to use in there, you must think about its sound output.

The radio must have a good sound output, which should be clear and crisp enough even when the water is running. However, you should know that these stereos come with a small speaker. For that, the maximum volume [in some, not all] might not be as clear as such. That is why you need to be careful when choosing one.

Ensure that you have tested the maximum volume before you buy the stereo. It isn’t just about getting a loud one, but the sound should be crisp and clear as well.

2. Features Onboard

The volume isn’t the only thing you should consider when picking a stereo for your bathing space. Once you know about the sound output and quality, you will have to consider other features.

First off, what features do you prefer the stereo to have? By the way, you should keep in mind that one with more features will cost you more money than that with limited features. But in the end, you will be getting something good.

One feature to consider is if the radio can transmit AM/FM frequencies. You should also consider the On/Off switch, the design of the volume dial, tuning dial, and more.

Others also prefer a radio with Bluetooth connectivity. A Bluetooth radio will allow you to link it to your phone and play your favorite jams with ease. There are also bathroom radios that have a flashlight, weather forecast, and even a timer. The timer can be a good feature if you want to keep track of your schedule as you are in the bathroom.

3. Water-Resistance

This is not really an option if you want a reliable radio to use in your bathing space. You want a radio that can easily function in a humid/wet environment. For that, check to see if the radio is water-resistant before you buy it.

And just so you know; there is a difference between waterproof and water-resistance devices. A water-resistant radio can be placed near the shower, and it can endure the water splashes and sprays. On the other hand, a waterproof unit can be immersed in the water to some degree, and it will still function.

Either way, ensure that you pick a radio that can work perfectly in a wet environment.

4. Battery Life

Some bathroom stereos will come with a rechargeable battery. For that, you need to know if the radio you got can run for long without the need for multiple charges. If the radio will require you to charge it every day, yet you only use once or twice, you might want to think otherwise. A good stereo should last for long, and it can actually go for three or more days without having to recharge it.

5. How is it installed? 

The features and sound output are well considered, but have you thought about how you will install the radio? How is your bathroom designed in the first place? Before you even think of buying the stereo, you will need to inspect your bathroom and consider where you will put the radio. 

Will you hang it on the wall, on the shower caddies, or the handles? Consider this in advance. But this will also depend on the type of radio that you will be buying, which we’ll look at later in the article. Just keep reading.

6. Ease of use

A delicate and complicated radio is never fun to use. If it takes you too long just to switch it on and make a song to play, you might not really enjoy having that radio. A good unit is that which has a good sound output/quality, with the necessary features, and it should also be easy to use.

7. The Cost of Buying it

Yeah, yeah, you have found the bathroom radio of your choice, and you are not going back home without it. But wait, don’t you have to pay for it? Of course, you do. That is why you should think about the price of the radio. Is it affordable or you will have to break the bank for it? Actually, it doesn’t matter, as long as it is in your budget range. Just don’t end up spending more than you had budgeted for.

The last factor to consider is the brand of the radio you intend to buy. It is wise to pick a recognized and reputable brand to be sure of good performance.

Always stick to your buying plan.

So, you already have a clue about how to shop for the right bathroom radio. We will now look at the best bathroom radio out there to help you with some suggestions of what you can go for.

Our Top 10 Best Shower Radio Reviews

We spent time to study [and even test] some of the best radios for shower out there, and we will be sharing our findings with you. Here are some of the top bathroom radios you should consider buying in 2019;

1. Sangean H201 Portable Shower Radio Review

Our first contender is the H201 model from Sangean. This unit has been made for durability and versatility. For starters, it has an inbuilt AM/FM antenna and features a PLL digital tuning. I know you’re wondering what PLL tuning is. But as we said, we got you.

Well, Phase-Locked Tuning (PLL) tuning, is an electric circuit that generates, modulates, demodulates, filters stabilizes, and even recover signals from an unstable channel. In other words, it will auto-tune the ‘noisy’ channels and prevent any interruption.

It comes with 5-station presets, along with an auto-seek function. When it comes to tuning channels on this little beast, you can be sure of effortless experience. But that’s not all. The radio features a fitted LED flashlight on the side. This makes it an ideal piece for those emergencies. If you want to check something in the basement or those dark corners, Mr. Sangean H201 has got your back.

What about the sound output? Oh, it is incredible. The radio is loud enough, and the sound comes out soft enough, even when the volume is high.

And yes, it is waterproof too. So, you can take it with you on a fishing trip or even to the beach. It is waterproof with JIS7 Standard. This means that the radio can survive water jets from any direction. The company also promises that it will float if you accidentally drop it in the water.

It also comes with a large, easy-to-read backlit LCD. It also comes with a timer that you can set from 1 to 120 minutes. With the large LCD, you can view the current time, the timer countdown, and the battery level. We also loved the long-lasting batteries that come with the radio. But you can also use the AC power cable.

You can place it on the shelf in your bathroom or just hang it to your shower handles.

Highlighted Features:

  • Large backlit LCD
  • Inbuilt LED torch
  • Hooped handle for easy setup
  • Waterproof with JIS7 standard
  • Five presets for AM and FM

2. Sony ICF-S80 Splash Proof Bathroom Radio

Our second contender is the mighty Sony ICF-S80. Seriously, it is impossible to talk about electronics and audio/visual devices and fail to come across the brand, Sony. But that’s not our point here. Rather, we were amused by their ICF-S80 model.

This one has been made to withstand those regular splashes as you bathe. So, carry on with your bathing without worrying about damaging this little beast.

When it comes to the sound quality, this unit scores very well. Of course, it won’t outsound your audio system in the living room. But the sound quality is amazing, especially because it is small in size. Luckily, the sound quality remains decent even when you turn the volume to maximum.

It also comes with a simple design, which means that it will give you an easy time to operate it. If you want to tune in a station, you can do so with the large tuning knob on the side. Other buttons are placed on top to give you quick and easy access.

Five preset buttons let you switch to your favorite stations effortlessly. You can also choose to listen to the AM or FM stations by pressing the button on top of the radio.

We also have to mention the LCD that shows the countdown timer, the current station, as well as the current time. It runs on three size C batteries, which can last for up to 100 hours. Besides that, you can make use of the Auto-Off timer to save on the batteries. This comes handy if you will be listening to the radio as you sleep.

This one features some strap holes and a detachable rubber handle. This lets you hang the radio either on your shower neck or on a hook around the bathroom. Alternatively, you can place it to stand on a shelf around the bathroom or even on a bathtub ledge.

Highlighted Features:

  • Five Preset Buttons
  • Timer and auto-power off button
  • Splash-proof
  • Detachable rubber strap for easy hanging around the bathroom
  • Loud and crisp sound
  • Rubber feet for better stability

3. Jensen JWM-120 Bathroom Radio

If you are the kind of person that prefers uniqueness and user-friendliness, this one will suit you perfectly. It comes with a simple yet nice design that can easily catch anyone’s attention.

It features a hook handle that lets you carry it around with ease. But this also helps you to hang it in your bathroom effortlessly. But hey, the base of this radio is also flat enough to let you place it on a nightstand, study table, or in one of the shelves in the garage.

You can be confident of this unit lasting for long as you use it in the bathroom since it features a splash resistant casing. However, you should be careful if you will be using it near the tub. If it happens to fall in the water, it will definitely be damaged. So, be careful enough.

This one would suit you better if you are a classic kind-of-person. It doesn’t feature the digital controls like other products on our list. Instead, it comes with knobs on the sides and the front. The side knobs are for adjusting the volume, whereas the large front knob is for tuning the stations.

This one is very straightforward and easy to use. The sound is also not bad at all. It runs on 4 AAA batteries, which you will have to buy separately. The type of battery brand you purchase will determine how long it would last.

This unit doesn’t have as many features as such, meaning that it is one of the cheapest on our list and the market out there.

Highlighted Features:

  • Hook handle for easy hanging
  • Splash resistant cabinet
  • Four tiny feet for stability on a flat surface
  • Runs on 4 AAA batteries
  • Waterproof speaker

4. Auto Tech Waterproof Bathroom Radio/Speaker 

Are you an animal in the water and you are looking for an equally strong radio that can withstand your wildness in the water? Look no further. This one from Auto Tech should be your ideal pick. A lot of things amused us with this radio. From its size to its design, functionality, sturdiness, and more.

By the way, this is more of a speaker with a few functionalities. It is not like other products on our list. Its round design makes you want to have it with you wherever you go. Also, it features a blue-black theme that makes it super-elegant.

But that’s not all. You can actually set the speaker to give multiple colors as it plays your favorite music/ station. The 6-color LED light display can turn your bathroom into a disco - though you can also turn it off if you are not into all that colorful stuff. 

This unit is 100% waterproof as you can immerse it in water and it will come out alive and very functional. We think this is the best shower radio with Bluetooth since it can receive Bluetooth signals in a range of 30ft. Plus, it has an inbuilt microphone. So yes, you can still use it for receiving calls.

If you want to tune in to your favorite station, simply choose the FM radio function from the speaker. Oh, and we have to mention that the sound output is super-incredible. It is loud and crisp as well.

Are you concerned about where you can place this highly portable speaker? Why should you be when it comes with a removable suction cup for easy installation? You can mount it on your tile wall in the bathroom or the kitchen. Want to carry it to the swimming pool with you? Go ahead! Take it with you; you won’t regret it.

This one comes with a charger to let you recharge your speaker when the battery dies. Luckily, it can run continuously for 8 hours once fully charged.

Highlighted Features:

  • Small and highly portable
  • 6-Color LED lights for a party mood when the music plays
  • Completely waterproof
  • Removable suction cup for quick wall-mounting
  • Long lasting rechargeable battery

5. Sony ICF-S79V Weather Band Bathroom Radio

Here comes yet another radio for shower from Sony. But we have to tell you something; the manufacturer discontinued it. But the good news is that there are still some units out there. So, if you can get one of the few left pieces, you’ll be lucky.

Anyway, this one comes with a nice design for easy handling. We noticed some grip on the side, which helps to make it safe to carry if you have slippery or wet hands. Since it is designed for the bathroom and damp environment, it's made to be splash resistant.

This one comes with some buttons on the top and a single knob on the side. The knob is for adjusting the volume, and all other function buttons are located on the top side. You can choose both the AM and FM channels, set the tip, choose your favorite station from the five presets, and even enjoy a 90-minute timer. We loved the grips on the volume knobs, which come handy when you have wet hands, and you want to adjust the volume. Quite impressive!

But that’s not all. This product also comes with a clock, which can be viewed from the small LCD screen. And yes, this one has a loud and decent quality sound output. It is also quite easy to control – so you won’t have much problem handling it.

You can either place it on a shelf, a flat surface or hang it somewhere in the bathroom using the strap. This one runs on 3 C-type batteries.

Highlighted Features:

  • Features a hanging strap
  • Easy-grip design for proper handling
  • Gripped volume knob
  • Splash resistant
  • User-friendly controls

6. Hydro-Beat Bluetooth Portable Shower Speaker/Radio

Now, this is a direct competitor of the AutoTech speaker on our list, but it’s actually an equally good speaker to use in your bathing space. If you prefer your own music taste and not following what is played on the station, this fantastic beast would be your greatest friend.

We won’t judge you if you consider this your best Bluetooth shower radio because it actually is reliable enough when it comes to Bluetooth connectivity. With its Bluetooth 4.0 feature, this little thing will let you enjoy your music from up to a range of 24ft. Now, that might not compare to Auto Tech’s 30ft range, but it still reliable enough. And yes, it does have an inbuilt microphone to let you make phone calls.

One feature that it wins against AutoTech’s is the 10-color LED mood lights. You’d really love how the colors change as the music plays. Not to mention that this one is also 100% waterproof with an IPX7 rating. So yeah, be sure of the speaker remaining stable enough even when you submerge it in water. But don’t let it stay for more than 30 minutes in the water lest you damage it.

This one also features a suction cup for mounting it on a tile wall or the side of your swimming pool. And you should know that it isn’t just a regular speaker, but it also comes with an FM function. So, if you want to follow your favorite station, you are at full liberty to do so.

You can get this speaker/radio at a very affordable rate compared to other speakers out there. The best part is that the company offers it a 12-month warranty. So we guess this little thing can stay strong for a whole year without breaking down. Oh, we also have to mention that it comes with a charger, and the battery can last for up to 6 hours of playback when fully charged.

Highlighted Features:

  • 10-color mood lights onboard
  • Fully waterproof
  • FM function
  • Inbuilt microphone for making/receiving calls
  • Removable suction cup
  • 6 hours of playback
  • Easy to use controls

7. Zadro ISING FM Bathroom Radio

No radio beats Zadro ISING when it comes to simplicity. And it’s not just simple in its design, but it’s also unique. You may not even notice if it is a radio or not. But it sure is small and portable enough. Plus, it comes with easy-to-use controls.

The radio is almost the size of a person’s palm – so it really is small enough. Even with its compactness, this radio still manages to give a decent sound output. This will also suit you if you are a retro kind-of-person.

So, does that mean that it looks old-fashioned with traditional controls? Not really. It comes with some knobs, but there are also two buttons and a tiny LCD screen on the radio. There is an analog tuner, along with a telescoping antenna to capture those signals. You will also enjoy the LCD clock, and even use it as your wake-up alarm.

But don’t be fooled by the simplicity of this radio. It does have a loud sound output that can keep you entertained as you bathe. However, it is not the best quality when you put the volume to maximum. Either way, it is decent enough to have as your bathroom radio.

And it’s also water resistant, so you won’t have to worry about the water splashes damaging your precious little radio.

This one uses three AAA batteries that you will need to purchase. Ensure that you get the right batteries for your radio. There is a suction cup and a rope mount to give your two options of setting up the stereo. If you want, you can still place it on a shelf and support it with the fitted stand.

Highlighted Features:

  • Compact design for easy portability
  • Suction cup, rope mount, and foldable stand for setting it up
  • Water-resistant
  • Analog tuner with digital clock
  • Telescoping antenna

8. Jensen JCR525 Stereo Shower Radio

Are you looking for a radio with multiple functionalities, which also has a good value for money? Jensen JCR525 should be one of your considerations.

Before we even discuss the common features, let’s talk about the unique function that this radio comes with. It features a CD slot that enables you to insert a CD and listen to your favorite jams. This feature is not common in most of the radios on our list and even out there.

Other than that, the radio comes with a unique feature that is somewhat classical but with some modern touches. It is partly water-resistant, so you can enjoy using it in the bathroom without worrying about the water damaging it.

It features a telescopic antenna that helps to capture the signals perfectly. This one runs on 6 C and 2 AAA batteries, but you can still use an AC adapter to power it. If you want to set it up, just place it wherever you wish in the bathroom using the rope mount. A foldable carrying handle is attached to the radio to let you carry it around with ease.

By the way, there is also an auxiliary input if you want to play the songs directly from your phone using an audio cable. This radio is quite easy to use, and you won’t have any difficult time setting it up.

The sound output is loud enough, which is also not bad at all.

Highlighted Features:

  • FM/AM radio, aux input, and CD player
  • Water resistant
  • Rope mount
  • Foldable carrying handle
  • Easy to use controls
  • LCD display

9. Jensen JWM-160 Bluetooth Wireless Shower Radio

Jensen clinches our #9 spot with its JWM-160 model. This radio comes with multiple features that make it one of the best out there. It goes without saying that this one is water-resistant. But that’s not all that this radio for bathroom is boasting of. 

Furthermore, the radio will let you make and receives calls even as you are listening to your favorite jam – thanks to the Bluetooth 3.0 feature and the inbuilt microphone. We loved how quick it was to pair a device to this radio. The Secure Simple Pairing (SSP) made that possible.

Also, it comes with an AM/FM receiver, along with ten presets for each. The digital PLL (remember we talked about this feature at the beginning of our article), helps to reduce ‘noises’ in radio channels. Also, the sound was loud and soft enough.

There are other functions on the radio, and that includes an alarm, which you can choose to wake up the stereo or utilize the alarm digital volume control. It comes with a rubber strap for hanging on the shower head or the curtain rail with ease. The rubber strap is detachable too. For that, you can still place it on a shelf or table.

There is a tiny LCD screen that shows the frequency, alarm, and the time too. It will also indicate if someone is calling you. This radio is quite practical, and it will serve you well in those wet environment. Just don’t drop it in the water.

Highlighted Features:

  • Water-resistant clear casing
  • Bluetooth with inbuilt microphone
  • Alarm with snooze
  • AM/FM receiver with 10 presets for each
  • Digital tuning
  • LCD screen
  • Removable rubber strap

10. InterDesign iForm Bathroom Radio

Now, this is a radio that doesn’t only come with digital controls, but the design it’s also modern enough. It features two speakers that assure you of loud sound output. The best part is that the sound quality is not compromised when you put the volume to maximum.

The controls on this radio are not too many. Furthermore, they are straightforward and very easy to use. The radio comes with an AM/FM receiver and an auto scan. A clock is also included, so you can know what time it is while in the shower. 

Yes, it is splash-resistant, but you should never try to use it near a bathtub – unless you have placed it securely. To make things clear, this radio is not waterproof.

But we loved its user-friendliness and how effortless it is to set it up. You can either mount it on the wall with the suction cups or place it on a flat surface with the foldable handle that also acts as a stand.

But it doesn’t have Bluetooth connectivity, so this might not be your ideal unit if you want to connect it to your phone or tablet. It runs on three AAA batteries that you’ll have to buy.

Highlighted Features:

  • Nice modern design
  • Straightforward controls
  • Two speakers for maximum volume output
  • Water-resistant
  • Suction cups and a foldable handle for easy support/mounting

11. Fineed Portable Motion Sensor Radio For Bathroom

This radio is for those that are crazy about the advanced technology, but their retro style is still calling. We loved the unique design of this radio. It looks like a smoke sensor, and it actually comes with a sensor onboard.

The radio features a motion sensor that turns on the radio when you get close to it. But it doesn’t only turn the radio on. Rather, it maintains the same station and volume level that you left when you switched it off last. Also, when you are too far from the radio, it will automatically turn off. Now that is what advanced technology is all about.

If you thought that is all the technology touch that this radio features, you’re dead wrong. The stereo also comes with an anti-interference function that makes the sound output loud, but also crisp enough. Even when the water is running down, you will still hear your music loud and clear.

Yep, it is water-resistant but only resistant to splashes. You should not submerge it in water lest you damage it.

We loved the fact that the radio can be used anywhere in and around the house, but we were more pleased by how easy it is to control it. It only features two knobs. One for turning on/off and adjusting the volume, and the other for scanning the stations. Nothing is too complicated with this radio.

It runs on three AA batteries, which don’t come with the product. So, you’ll need to purchase them separately. The radio is lightweight and portable enough. Also, it is easy to mount it on the wall with the wall anchor.

Highlighted Features:

  • Motion detector for auto on/off
  • Two control knobs
  • Splash-resistant
  • Anti-interference ability for loud and clear sound
  • FM receiver
  • Lightweight and portable

12. Zadro Z Fogless Stereo Radio For Bathroom

If we were to rank the bathroom radios that don’t look like a radio, this one would definitely be the first one on the list. This Zadro Z Fogless radio comes with a unique design. Actually, the design only represents the features/functions of the stereo. If you take one look at this radio, you’d think it is a digital scale.

This unit does more than just play AM/FM stations. Rather, it also offers you an advanced, fogless mirror. You know what that means? Well, it just means that you can look at yourself in the mirror, even when the bathroom is full of fog from the hot shower. No need to wipe off the fog from the mirror because it won’t be there in the first place.

There is a digital clock that helps you know the time as you enjoy your time in the bathroom. The controls are easy to use and quite straightforward. It is water-resistant, but not waterproof.

You can mount it on your tile walls with the three suction cups on the back, which are also removable. Alternatively, you can simply hang it using the fitted carrying handle. Well, there are two speakers onboard, but they could be louder. If you want a radio with a high sound output that is also crisp enough, this one might not be your ideal choice. The sound gets unclear when you set the volume higher. But still, it is a decent radio that can serve you well.

Highlighted Features:

  • Fogless mirror onboard
  • Clip-on brackets plus suction cups for mounting
  • Two decently loud speaker
  • Water-resistant
  • AM/FM receiver with digital tuning
  • Digital clock

Top-Rated Shower Radio Brands on The Market

We mentioned that one of the factors to consider when picking the best bathroom radio is the brand. With a good brand, you will not only be sure of a good product, but they also offer their products with a warranty. If there is any defect in the radio, they will exchange it for you or even give you a refund.

That being said, what are the best bathroom radio brands out there? Here is a look at some of them;


This is one of the well-known brands in the world of entertainment. Sony was originally Tokyo Telecommunication Engineering Corporation, and it was launched in 1946. Over the years, it has grown into a multibillion-dollar company that delivers electronics of all sorts. It also ventured into the entertainment industry

One of the main aim and objectives of Sony is to ‘do what has never been done before.’ That is why their bathroom radios are unique in a way. Sony radios are known for their loud and crisp sound output. You will notice some unique level of bass with most Sony radios, which is better compared to other radio brands.

Pyle Audio

This is yet another leading brand that delivers top-notch speakers and stereos. Pyle was founded back in the 60s, and it is one of the leading developers of high-quality woofers in America. The company began making replacement speaker and car audio later in the 20th century.

Today, it is known to produce one of the finest bathroom speakers/radios on the market. For instance, the Pyle PSR71 Bathroom Radio is one of the decent units to have in your bathroom. However, it didn’t qualify in our list of the 12 best radios for bathroom. But it’s not a bad radio to have.

One of the lovely things about Pyle is that they have very good customer support and their products are of good quality too.


We couldn’t list the top radio for bathroom brands without mentioning Jensen. This is supposedly the winner in our list because we featured most of their products. Jensen as a company has become one of the most reputable brands to deliver top-notch bathroom radios.

One of the things about Jensen is that it specializes in developing radios that come with unique functionality as features. For instance, it is only their JCR525 model that comes with a CD slot. All their stereos come with incredible sound output and quality. They are also known to deliver top-notch radios at affordable prices.


Sangean is also one of the longest-serving brands, having been launched in 1974. This brand might not be as popular as Sony, but it is a big fish in the bathroom radio field. For instance, our first product on the list comes from Sangean.

The brand also produces quality digital clocks, along with regular radios. Their radios come with a super rich sound output that will give you an impressive time in the bathroom.


The reason we are combining these two brands is that they come from the same parent company. Also, they deliver similar products with identical features. For instance, they are the only ones in our list to feature fully waterproof speakers/radio.Also, their speakers come with Bluetooth connectivity and an inbuilt speaker.


This company has become one of the big players in recent years. They are known to develop ‘innovative ideas that make life easier’ – according to their motto. As a matter of fact, they are the only shower radio brand that has fogless mirrors in their radios. Their radios are unique in design and come with some innovative and unique features.

Types of Shower Radios

We are almost coming to our final destination, and we believe you are enjoying the ride so far. So, what are the types of bathroom radios our there? Remember we said we would touch on this? Now is the time.

Generally, there are four main types of radios used in a bathing space.

A. Analog Radios

This type of radio lets the user search for the channels manually. This will mostly be done through the tuning knob, or it can also be via tuning buttons. Either way, it is done manually. Furthermore, these types of radios require accuracy when tuning in because they don’t have an auto-tuner. They are simple and easy to use, but can also take your time when you are looking for your desired channel.

B. Digital Radios

Clearly, these radios will find the channels automatically. The stereo will find an existing channel and give you an easy time when choosing. Furthermore, they will come with preset channels for you to go to a specific channel instantly with the touch of a button. They also come with digital/auto-tuning that will find channels automatically when you press the scan button. These are easier and quicker to use compared to the analog radios. Also, they will have other features like a timer, clock, alarm, and more.

C. Travel Radio

A travel or portable radio is that which you can go with wherever you want to. They can be used at the beach, in the swimming pool, or anywhere outdoors. These ones are simple in design; they will be more compact and easy to carry around compared to other types of radios. For instance, the Hydro-Beat and Auto-Tech speakers are perfect examples of travel radios.

D. Bluetooth

As the name suggests, this is just a type of radio that has Bluetooth connectivity. You can connect it to your phone or tablet via Bluetooth. Also, you can stream music through programs like Spotify and Pandora on the Bluetooth radios.

Whichever type of radio you decide to go for, always ensure that you understand what you want and what each stereo offers.

How To Take Care Your Bathroom Radio For Longevity

One wise and easy way of being sure of having a durable bathroom radio is to take good care of it. If you don’t handle your device with care, you will end up damaging it, which will force you to buy a new one. But we are here to help you make the right decision and take care of your radio. Here are some care tips to help you

Follow the user instruction carefully

Once you receive the stereo, start by following the user instruction before you use it. This will help you be sure of setting it up as needed.

Use the right batteries/power supply

We stated that the bathroom radios come will either run on battery or AC adapter. If it runs on batteries, ensure that you use the correct battery and place them properly. If you are using an adapter, make sure that you are only using the adapter supplied by the manufacturer. Never use a different AC adapter on your radio.

Also, use the right charger to recharge the portable radios.

Do not immerse in water if it’s not waterproof

We gave the difference between a water-resistant and a waterproof stereo. So, if is not 100% waterproof, never attempt immersing it in water. Still, the manufacturer will instruct you on how to handle the radio and if you should immerse it in water or not.

Mount/hung the radio safely

One of the reasons that can damage your stereo is if it falls down severally. If you don’t mount your stereo as needed, it might become loose and fall down. Also, you should hang it appropriately either on a strong hook, on the shower neck, or the curtain rail. Either way, ensure that the radio is stable enough once you mount it.

Do not open battery door if your hands are wet

If you need to change the batteries, ensure that your hands are dry before you open the battery door. Once done, make sure the door is tightly closed.

Always use the water-resistant casing

Some radios [especially those on our list] are vulnerable to water, but they come with a water-resistant housing. With this casing, you can confidently use the radio near the shower without worrying about the water splashes. For that, always ensure you use it when taking a bath.

Avoid placing the stereo near the edges

Whenever the music is playing, the radio will vibrate due to the bass produced. Assuming that you have placed it near the edge of a table/shelf, the vibrations will make the stereo fall down, and this can damage it. Therefore, avoid placing the radio near edges.

Always switch off the radio before leaving the bathroom

Some stereos come with a timer for auto powering off, while others have a motion sensor to go off if nobody is around. But if yours doesn’t have these features, always ensure that you switch it off before you leave. You can forget and leave it running. This will then drain the battery and even make the radio overheat if it runs continuously for long hours.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Are Bathroom Radios Safe to Use in the Shower?

Well, you might worry that the radio might cause some hazard and even electric shock when they get in contact with water. The truth is that this can be possible. However, they come with a water-resistant casing, and others are 100% waterproof. So yes, they are safe to use in the shower.

Nonetheless, for the radios that use electricity, you should keep them away from water once you plug it into the socket.

Q: Where can I mount the radio in the bathroom?

This is actually up to you to decide. But before you install the radio, you need to consider a few things. For instance, you must consider if the bathroom has a hook to hang the stereo. If it has a suction box, consider if it there is enough tile walls to mount it there. All in all, mount your stereo in a safe and ideal place.

Q: Can I connect it to the internet?

Okay, we have not mentioned a WiFi shower radio on our list, but some units can connect to the internet. For instance, if it has Bluetooth connectivity, you can easily use it to stream internet radio from your phone. This can be done through music apps like Spotify or Pandora. So technically, Bluetooth-enabled radios can connect to the internet. You just have to use the right music app to steam the live music.

Q: Can I carry my radio to the beach?

Yes, and no. Some stereos are sturdy and waterproof, making them ideal for an outdoor environment. Conversely, others are best suited for indoor use only. So, if yours is waterproof, that is an assurance that you can take it with you to the beach. Before you take that water-resistant radio to the beach, ensure that you carry the water-resistant case with you and keep it away from the water.

Q: What if I accidentally drop my water-resistant stereo in the water?

Accidents do happen, and it doesn’t mean that it’s the end of the world if you happen to drop your water-resistant stereo/speaker in the water. If it had the casing on, take it out immediately and check if the water got through. If it didn’t have the case, take it out of the water immediately, shake off the water and remove the batteries. You can then use a blow dryer to dry the radio. If the water is too much, pour some rice or silica gel to dry the radio completely. Allow it to dry for two or three days before trying to put it on again.

Q: Can I leave the radio in the bathroom?

Well, it’s never a good idea to leave the radio in the bathroom. You can always take it and store it in a safe place in the bedroom. However, it won’t hard to leave it in the bathroom just make sure you leave the waterproof case on. All in all, try to keep the radio in a safe place at all time.

Q: How much should I spend on a bathroom radio?

This is up to you and how much you are willing to spend on a single radio. When picking a radio, consider the price based on what you get in return from the radio. Don’t just go for the expensive units or the cheap ones. Weigh your options and ensure that you are getting good value for money.

Final Word

Now this marks our end of the journey. We believe you enjoyed it and that you have learned something helpful. We aimed to help you find the best shower radio and also learn the necessary buying essentials.

Since you are now equipped to buy a radio to use in your bathroom, which one will you be going for? Will you go for the 100% waterproof radios or you prefer the water-resistant with added features?  What about the fogless mirror radio or the motion sensor unit?

Regardless of the choice you make, just make sure you weight your options clearly and go for the right radio. Have you made up your mind yet? The ball is now in your court.

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