Best RC Cars Under $100: Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

RC cars are the new cool! At least, if you look at past 10-15 years, you'd see how both adults and teens felt in love of these tiny jackpots.

And we know that you’re one of them too.

However, if you've been searching for a cool RC model, you might notice a little problem...there are a LOT of them. Each of them may have some unique values that others don't offer, but choosing one right pick is a real hard nut to crack.

In case you're a bit tight with your budget and looking for one of the best rc cars under 100, the situation turns even worse.

Result? What looks cool from far, turns into an RC car hell. Plus, all of the invested dollars wasted.

To give you a hand on this, we've done something cool. Over the past couple of weeks, we've gone through every familiar models of the market and hovered into the forums for a recommendation from experts.

Afterward, we dissected their features and compared them with each other. Finally, we've come up with a list of 12 top picks of the market and sorted them in an ascending manner.

Hopefully, this roundup review is the last one you need before finding the top picks of an RC car within your budget and purpose.

What is RC Car Actually?

In simple words, RC(or remote controlled) cars are those versions of toy-graded cars which can be controlled from a distance by a transmitter. These kinds of cars can be both battery or gas powered, and are of two types in general-

  • 1
    Hobby-graded cars.
  • 2
    Toy-graded cars.

In some exceptional cases, RC cars have some sort of application is security and survey purposes as well.

Our Top 12 Best RC Cars Reviews For Under $100

1. Demaxis RTR Offroad Remote Control Car

Ever felt the thrill of driving a real racing car? Maybe not. Almost all of us are not likely to be a racer by profession, anyways. But what if you get close to the adrenaline rush or real-time racing?

Yeah, we're talking about a superb quality remote controlled off-road racing car which eventually managed to be on the top of our list. Presenting the #1 ranked crown winner, Demaxis RTR Offroad Remote Control Car on the podium.

We've analyzed a number of facts in order to wipe away our points of confusions to give this model the first slot. The analysis included its structure, tires and riding capacities, remote control, protection against natural odds, charging time, motor, battery and so on.

And in every analysis, it stood out of the crowd.  

Let's talk about the motor and the speed first, as most of us have high expectations in these regards. The motor of this car is pretty much powerful and can speed up the car up to 45 km/h. In case of remote controled cars, this seems to be the highest kind of speed.

Next to motor, the foremost priority of us RC enthusiasts is the battery power. In the case of this monster, the battery power is one of it's best sides. It's powered by a heavy 7.4V 1500mAH Li-Po battery. Certainly, the runtime is likely to be longer than any other similar models you can think of.

It's solely built to be an off-road monster. The sleek and aerodynamic design combined with the 4WD suspension technology took its effectiveness into the next level.

The rubber tires are oversized, can undergo shocks and climb slopes as well. It runs with less amount of friction. So, when it comes to overcoming obstacles like debris, stones, grass or sands, it will come out safely.

When it comes to the question of charging this monster, there are a couple of options in your hand. You can charge it through direct power input, or through any kind of USB ports. In either way, the car will take about 2 hours to be fully charged. And once done, it can be the source of your extreme fun for the next 15-20 minutes.

The package itself comes to be a complete set and very few of other brands can provide as many items as this does. Along with the car and controller, there is a USB charging cable, a set of shock absorbent rings, a wrench and 4 pieces of R-shaped locks.

After going through all of these magnificent features, we’re certain that it’s the most happening pick of remote control racing cars in the market.

Highlighted Features:

  • 45km/h of top speed, one of the toppers of it’s kind.
  • Powered by heavy-duty 7.4V, 1500mAH rechargeable Li-po battery.
  • Can be controlled by a 2.4GHz transmitter, up to a distance of 75m.
  • Independent suspension technology in each of the 4WD tires.
  • Comes with charging cable, shock absorption rings and R-shape locks.
  • Rubber tires are made to undergo shocks and collisions.
  • Can be charged within 2 hours only.
  • 15-20 minutes of runtime without any interruption.
  • Smart price-quality ratio.

2. Lazaga Terrain RC Monster Truck

Does your kid dream to be the next F1 racing champion? Give some wings to your kid’s fantasy with this marvelous Lazaga Terrain RC Monster Truck.

We were quite impressed with the way it's built and made to give a lasting performance together. And that's the reasons behind giving it our precious #2nd slot of best RC cars.

Let’s break down those reasons for you-

First things first, let talk about the design.

Lazaga Terrain RC Monster Truck is a PVC made, rugged and solid RC car. Each of the wheels is made to be shockproof and stabilized with supportive springs. So, you can hold the movements securely and keep it away from shaking pressure. Also, it's quite light in weight(0.74kg).

Next on, it's about the motor and battery. This model has a 380 dc motor powered by a 4.8V 700mAH Li-ion battery inside. Both motor and battery has protective layers from heating and overcharging. Once again, such protections are really rare as long as conventional RC models are concerned.

You know, an off-road performance of RC car come with a number of checklists. This model anyways, ticks each of them. The S-truck suspension technology, the strong and flexible tires and it's ability to climb terrains- everything deserve rounds of applauses.

Also, the body is made to be waterproof and protective against muds, dust, heat, and shocks. The combination of PVC and ABS material gives it a guarantee of years of durability.

When it comes to producing speedy runs, it can go up to a speed of 15km/h. But just because the body weight is as light as 0.74 kilograms, the speed will be swift and easy to control.

Talking about the control, there comes the remote controller and its range. With a 2.4GHz remote controller, you can control every move of this car up to a distance of 50+ meters.

It has every regular moves like forward, backward, left turn and right turn. But what makes it unique is its climb mode.

Unlike other models, you don't have to spend after 3 batteries every time. It needs only 2 1.5V AA batteries and that's all. When it comes to charging the car battery itself, it will take not more than 1.5 hours. And once you're done with charging, it will be the source of extreme fun for the next 20 minutes at a stretch.

Overall, we'd rate this RC car as 9/10. What do you think? 

Highlighted Features: 

  • Strong PVC and ABS made body structure.
  • S-truck suspension technology for each of the tires.
  • Powered by a 4.8V 700mAH battery.
  • Can be controlled by a 2.4GHz controller till 100 meters.
  • Flexible in driving forward, backward, turns and climbings.
  • Made to be waterproof and protective from damages.
  • Motor and battery is heat and overcharging-proof.
  • 0.74 kg weighing body can maintain good balance on the road.
  • Can run on a wide variety of surface natures.

3. KINGBOT RC Off Road Monster Trucks

KINGBOT RC Off Road Monster Trucks

As long as you would like to stick to plain roads right on your garden, there are many superb RC models available. But when it comes to riding terrains or sloppy mountains, things become a little different.

Throughout our research, we’ve found very few models who can climb sloppy mountains along with muds, grass, water or paving.

Among all of such models, KINGBOT RC Off Road Monster Truck is on the top of the list. No matter whether you're an RC racer on tough tracks or want to explore your driving skills on sloppy terrains, this model would be a great choice.

This car is dedicated to be an off-road vehicle. With 6WD tires and a die-cast metal body, this is awesomely capable of drifting, turning, extreme braking, moving forward and backward like a real-world off-road SUV.

Another highly impressive part of this car is, it has an anti-collision front barrier provided to avoid damages while banged. That enhances its chances to be the best off-road RC car even more, literally!

Kid's are going to be touched by every moment of thrills with this RC car from Kingbot. Especially, we can't help appreciating how the 6WD tires run smoothly even on toughest of the tracks or slopiest of the terrains.

To give it a touch of excellence, there are flexible gears embedded with each of the tires. These high-performance gears will make sure that it can climb through angles up to 35 degrees.

This car is powered by a 4.8V 600mAH battery which can run the car for about 18 minutes at a stretch. For usual outdoor or lawn-side fun, that seems to be perfect.

To control this car, you'll be given with a 2.4GHz wireless remote controller through which, you can control this car smoothly till a distance of 50 meters. To power it up, you need to have 3 AAA batteries though, but that's a cost you've to deal with in every RC models out there.

Another important factor is the charging capacities and speed. As you know, the car is powered by a 4.8V and 699mAH rechargeable battery. Once it’s empty, you need to charge it for 4 hours till it's fully heated up again. The car comes with its own charger, so no extra costings on that.

And yes, once you charge the battery up, it can run for 18 consecutive minutes. Enough for kid's outdoor plays, right?

Highlighted Features:

  • 6WO system tires to sustains off road run.
  • Extremely flexible gear system to climb swiftly.
  • Can ride terrains and slopes up to 35 degrees.
  • Die-cast metal chassis to sustain muds, water, grass or pavings.
  • 2.4GHz remote controller works up to 50 meters.
  • Anti-collision frontal barrier for protection.
  • Can be fully charged within 4 hours.
  • 18 minutes of run time.
  • 20 km/h top running speed.

4. VATOS 1/12 Off Road Remote Control Cars

Did you notice how those desert trucks are designed? They're designed in a unique way that contains super-large tires and a tiny body compartment. And that's the reasons behind their extreme sustainability even on roughest of the tracks.

Inspired by that same concept, VATOS 1/12 Off-Road Remote Control Car is designed in the same manner and when you'll be driving it off-road, you'll see the perks.

No matter how rough and sloppy the roads are, this monster will ride through. In case you're fond of racing on mountain roads, sandy lands, grassland, snow or even in the desert, this car will be your right choice.

We're impressed by not only it's the ability to ride rough tracks, but also the way Vatos has managed to design this. It's a 2WD RC car powered by a solid motor and a Li-ion 9.6V, 800mAH battery. The circuitry inside is of 6A large power circuit type, and it's protected against high temperature and shocks.

While driving, the car can be exposed to waters, muds, dew or debris. But as long as this car is protected with IPX4 waterproof design, nothing to worry about. Water, mud splashes, waves- nothing can damage the internal electronics of this car.

The top speed is pretty much impressive being as high as 28+mph. And through the provided remote controller, you can control this car from a distance of even 60 meters. The control is swift and smooth. So you can pick this model as your next off-road racing car as well.

As long as off-road remote control cars are concerned, one of the major questions is, how much slop it can ride? In this case, the answer will bring a smile on your face. The VATOS 1/12 Off-Road Remote Control Cars can ride up to an angle of 45 degrees.

To charge the battery up, it takes approximately 2 hours. And once charged, this model can go for 10 minutes of run. This timespan can look short. But as long as off-road racing and riding are concerned, it seems pretty fine.

Controlling the car is quite easy to do even for a 8 years old. The movements contain forward, backward, left turn, right turn, fil, drift, brake, and climbing. And while doing all these movements, there will be many vulnerabilities such as dust, heat, shock etc.

But the good news is, this car comes to be protective against all of these vulnerabilities. It's PCB board comes with built-in protection from heat, over-charging and so on.

The summary line?

Well, if you want to gift a rc car to kid of 8+ years old, then this one is a pretty perfect model to pick up.

Highlighted Features:

  • Shockproof and ultra-protective suspension system.
  • 2.4GHz remote control from up to 60 meters.
  • Powered by 9.6V 800mAH Li-ion battery.
  • Protection from high temperature and over-charging.
  • Water, waves and shockproof.
  • 38+ mph high speed even or rough terrains.
  • Cool looking simulation ratio.
  • Can be charged within 2 hours and run for 10 minutes.
  • You can put a digital camera on the roof for recording.
  • Lights can be also installed on the roof.

5. KINGBOT Off-Road RC Car

KingBot had been a new, but quite growing brand when it comes to producing smart toys and RC gears. This time, we've been able to pick up their newly released KINGBOT Off-Road RC Car as our #5th best RC car of the list.

Let’s start with the speed and structure of this car.

First of all, it's designed in a way to be durable and strong. Each of the components is made to be realistic in design, and solid in structure. In total, it's ready to give you an amazing gaming experience on the road.

The top speed matters a lot whenever you are racing with your friends. If that works for you as well, you can certainly go forward with this 28km/h top speed range of this car.

Safety is another major concern, as you don't lose up the bucks just by a single collision. KingBot as a brand has been aware of that and therefore, provided plenty of the safety precautions in this car.

The raw materials that had been used to create the body are quite high quality. The tires are made of rubbers, PVC to be exact. Although the tires are not so large in size, the ability to control seems to complement this lacking.

Based on the type of road you'll be driving on, you can adjust the tires and the distance in between them.

Drifting, turning and ease in control- these are one of the most desired features in any RC car. KINGBOT Off-Road RC Car won't disappoint you in this case. With the remote controller that comes with the car, you can do all these controls from a decent distance.

A plus point is, it features the capacity to trim it left and right while driving. Frankly, we've not seen this feature even in higher kind of cars.

Now, let's come to the price-quality ratio, which seems to be one of the brightest sides of this remote controlled car.

As long as low-end racing cars are concerned, they are either made of poor materials or lack controllability. But this low-budget model seems to a pretty fast rc cars under 100. All you need to assemble the parts, power the remote control and car. That's all. You are ready to gift your kid one of the smoothest car racing experience.

Highlighted Features:

  • Durable strong built quality with solid body parts.
  • PVC made soft, adjustable and elastic tires.
  • 2.4GHz controlling system from a decent distance of 50m.
  • Contains all of the regular movements.
  • Can be trimmed towards left and right while running.
  • Designed in a 1:1.18 pattern.
  • Extremely budget-friendly.

6. Joyfun Wall Climbing Remote Control Car

As the sixth top scorer of today's list of $100 rc cars, we've decided to pick a car which is particularly built for kids of 5-10 years old. You know, there are RC models out there who're solely dedicated for adults. So, we felt the importance of picking up a solid product for kids.

On that note, presenting the charming Joyfun Wall Climbing Car Remote Control Car. Let's go through its features and benefits one by one-

The surprising fact about this car is, it can climb the upright walls. Just like Spiderman, yes.

The science behind such amazing feature is it's special suction fans inside. And that is what does this amazing anti-gravity magic. Your kid is certainly going to be in love with that.

Moving forward, there are a couple of more kids-friendly features in it. It can do 360-degree stunt rotation on either clockwise or anti-clockwise direction. An infrared remote controller comes with the model and that will be the handle of all these fun.

Apart from the fun factors, let's discuss the body and structure now.

The body is made of high quality and lightweight plastic. And that's also the reason why it doesn't feel heavy while climbing the walls. To add up to this feature, there are an improved vacuum to make the run smooth and steady.

To give it a realistic touch, the headlights and rear lights are designed in a marvelous way. Lights changes whenever you're moving forward, going backward or taking any turns. Kids will certainly be going to fall in love with that.

The remote controller that you'll get with the pack is of infrared type. This indicates that it's not so good in controlling the car from a distance. If your kid is likely to play with it inside the home, that's where it's a right fit.

To recharge this car battery, you will be given with USB cables with a short span of time. And to run the remote controller, you need to house 3 AAA batteries in it.

Lastly, the price of this RC car seems to be pretty low. So, if you want to gift an awesome RC car to your kids, we would recommend this Joyfun Wall Climbing Car Remote Control Car. It meets both ends of budget and performance.

Highlighted Features:

  • ACan climb through upright walls.
  • 360-degree stunt rotations.
  • Well-built body with durable materials.
  • Light in weight, and easy to control.
  • Shockproof and hit-resistant.
  • Can run over floors, window, and even ceiling.
  • A cool head and rear lights embedded.
  • Infrared remote control.
  • USB charger cable provided.
  • A perfect fit for 5-10 years of kids.

7. GotechoD Remote Control Desert Buggy Vehicle

GotechoD Remote Control Desert Buggy Vehicle

One of the main factors that RC car users often overlook is the size ratio. I mean the proportion of the size of the tires and the body of the car itself. But due to this ignorance, many of us suffer from unbalanced movements, lack of impact forces, lack of control etc.

For the first time in this list, we've got a 1/16 scale designed realistic RC car that meets all criteria of design and performance. It's called the GotechoD Remote Control Desert Buggy Vehicle and we're going to break down the features in details-

First thing first, it's made in a way that almost none of the safety issues will bother you as a user. It's made of toxic-free ABS plastic and metal. The parts of the car are embedded in a break-resistant way.

Also, when it will be involved in any kind of collision, the chance of internal damage is almost zero. The body is painted with spray paint and safe for even 6 years aged kids.

Moving forward from the structure and materialistic properties, it's about the controllability. There is a 2.4GHz remote controller which works without any interference. Even when your car is running at high speed, you can have full control over its movements and turns. It's controlling range can lie between 50 to 80 meters and the remote requires the power of 3 AAA batteries.

While recharging RC car, most of the models take a significant amount of time, especially through USB ports. But GotechoD Remote Control Desert Buggy Vehicle is a good exception. No matter you chose AC power source of DC USB source to recharge the battery, it won't take more than 2 hours to get powered up.

And once the battery level is full, you can access loads of fun for 15 minutes at a stretch. Even if you run the car at its maximum speed of 15 mph, it will stay on the road for 10 minutes at least.

With the remote controller of this car, you're likely to have one of the smoothest controls over the car's movement. There are buttons for forward, backward, left turn, right turn, brake etc. Throughout the movement, you will experience one of the finest off-road controlling experience.

Once again, we're in love with the realistic design of this RC car, and a number of additional features add up with it. So, we think that it would be a good pick in terms of style, fun, and functionalities.

Highlighted Features:

  • Safe and solid materialistic properties.
  • Toxic-free and almost no chemical emission.
  • 1/16 realistic off-road truck design.
  • Can be controlled swiftly from even 80 meters of distance.
  • 2-3 hours charging time and runs for up to 15 minutes.
  • Both AC and DC charging method implied.
  • Perfect for kids starting from 6 years of age.
  • A maximum speed of up to 15 mph.
  • Contains batteries, USB charger and 1 screwdriver in the box.

8. Lambow High-Speed Remote Control Car

Rough and hard surfaces are the most threatening type of tracks when it comes to driving RC toy cars. In this regard, the one feature that RC enthusiasts look for is a set of solid, well-built tires.

If you also think like what we've said above, we've got a perfect model to show you. It's called Lambow High-Speed Remote Control Car and we're sure that you'll be loving its features.

First of all, the wheels of this car are made to be super suspensive. There are bouncing spring setup to uphold the tires when it's facing bounces or moving on an unstable surface.

The control of this car is divided into all four directions through the remote control. So, you can move and turn your racing RC car any way you want.

The control panel of this car deserves another round of applause. There is a 2.4GHz transmitter along with 4 inches steering button on the controller. No matter whichever surface it's moving on, you'll have the full control of every move.

Let’s look at the motor and battery power now.

Lambow High-Speed Remote Control Car has a 380 motor along with a 4.8V 700mAH battery. The battery is protective of overcharging and heat. To chafe the battery, there is charger provided with the box.

With loaded with such power schemes, this car can give you a high speed of up to 38 km/h. And on the way, if any kind of collisions takes place, the anti-collision design of the body along with 4WD, will protect it from damages.

With the big sized set of wheels, the chance of getting stuck or jammed by any obstacles is pretty low. No matter it's the open road, carpet, lawn, puddle, mud or watery surfaces, you can go along with Lambow High-Speed Remote Control Car easily.

Apart from every other fact, we loved the way Lambow had built this model. Although this model is pretty new in the market,  sure that it will raise on top of the models.

What do you think?

Highlighted Features:

  • 4-wheel RC car along with shockproof technology.
  • Bouncing spring setup to protect it from damage.
  • Complete four directional control over the movement.
  • 2.4GHz controller along with 4 inches steering.
  • Turn, drift, flip, and brake made simple-to-control.
  • 380 motor powered by a 700mAH battery.
  • Highest speed of 38km per hour.
  • Anti collision mechanism provided to prevent damage.
  • Can run on almost any kind of surfaces.
  • A great RC car for off-road racing events.

9. Mioshor Remote Control Excavator Toy for Toddlers

Mioshor Remote Control Excavator Toy for Toddlers

Till now, we have been through many RC cars and trucks of this list. But for the first time, we've brought up something different. It's called Mioshor Remote Control Excavator Toy for Toddlers and it's a combination of remote-controlled crane and tank.

Certainly, if you want to get something exceptional rather than cars, you can pick this up for your kid.

This crane is quite realistic in terms of both appearance and functionality. The simulation of this excavator is precise. Its function includes moving forward and backward, turning into both the right and left direction and rotation. There is a 2.4GHz transmitter cum controller and you can do all these through that.

With this toy, your baby boy will feel like operating a real crane. Because there are excavator diggers and lights as well to give it a real-time touch.

As kids will be playing with this toy, you might be wondering about whether it will be safe for the kids or not. Well, let us assure you that it’s labeled as completely safe and sound to use.

The dipper and battery covers are made of high-quality metal alow. Among other parts, most of them are made of high-quality yellow plastic.

This can be a great source of fun for your kids. Along with the simulator and controller, your kid can learn how to control a car by himself. Also, different functions like rolling, listing, digging- etc will help him to control multiple functions at the same time.

If you want your kid to have a good time along with creative, funny RC works, this Mioshor Remote Control Excavator Toy for Toddlers would be one of the greatest choices.

Hope that you've loved the uniqueness that this product has it itself.

Highlighted Features:

  • A smart combo RC toy of both crane and tank.
  • Complete control over movements and functions.
  • 2.4GHz transmitter to operate.
  • Solid anti-interference ability.
  • The battery cover is made of high-quality alloy.
  • Rest of the body is made of strong and rigid yellow plastic.
  • Separate buttons to control different parts.
  • Helps kids to learn controlling cars.
  • A perfect gift for any kids above 3 years.

10. Remoking Rail Race RC Track Car Toys

Most of the conventional RC cars are made to run on outdoor or at least in your garden. But if you don't have one? How can your kid be in a fund with an RC car?

Well, we've got a smart and cool set of solutions here. Presenting the super cool track car from Remoking. This Remoking Rail Race RC Track Car Toys are a set of 2 cars, 2 remote controllers and a rail track to run them on.

No matter if it's the kid's party or a solo playtime for your kids, this is certainly going to keep them engaged for a long time. Your kids will learn to be creative and to control items like RC car.

Using the set of cars and remote controls, your kids can play with many types of imaginative games. If you want, you can join your kids as well.

The track is about 860 cm in length, allowing it to create a roller-coaster-like the track to run the cars.

Roller coaster racing is done better than any other way with this set. All your kid needs are to connect the tracks and learn how to control the cars. Rest of the part is completely fun and thrill.

After a few times of practice, kids can learn the whole assembling themselves. So, they can unlock more combinations and games afterward.

There is a car feeder ramp in the set which creates a wide variety of storytelling moments. Kids can be interacting between themselves on that, and that's certainly going to help to grow.

Highlighted Features:

  • A set of 2 cars, 2 controllers and a track.
  • Complex, twisty tracks of 860cm with rails.
  • Number of connectors to unlock new tracks and paths.
  • Induces hours of imaginative play.
  • A car feeder ramp provided.
  • Two auto-flier vehicles are there for adventurous play.
  • Loads of fun within a short budget.

11. Ratoys Electric Remote Control Off-Road Car Truck

Ratoys Electric Remote Control Off-Road Car Truck

Eventually, we are the bottom of our top 10 picks. In the end, we've decided to put a light, smaller and more compact version of a remote-controlled car that would come with no less thrill.

Our 10th pick is called the Ratoys Electric Remote Control Off-Road Car Truck and it's one of the best creations from the brand.

As always, let's go through its power, controllability, structure and other important features that matter to us as RC vehicle users.

The car itself is pretty powerful and one of the highly fast rc cars under $100. There is a brushed motor to provide it as high speed as 25 km/h. Another reason for the speed being so fast is its two-wheel drives. Wheel drives are the items that provide high torque power to the wheels.

Let me tell you a quite unique feature of the car. There are three rubber screws in it and they will let you custom the paints of the car.

To control this car, there is a conventional 2.4GHz radio transmitter.

The rubber tires may look tiny to you comparing the body. But these are an absolute beauty when they're on the road. Because of being soft and elastic, this rubber tires will drive more friction and torque from the motor.

Result, faster and more dynamic racing experience. In other words, you can call it one of the best racing RC cars of the market.

No matter the surface type is a carpet, open road, gravel, rocky lands or just your backyard, Ratoys Electric Remote Control Off-Road Car Truck would run fine. In fact, because of being compact in size, you can use it on both home and outside.

The suspension level of this car is another part of its beauty. The shockproof design of the wheels,  the protected electromagnetic parts, and flexible tires- everything points to it's worth as a racing remote controlled car.

Highlighted Features:

  • Powered by a strong and high-torque brushed motor.
  • Top speed of up to 25km/h.
  • Comes with two-wheel drives for more speed and control.
  • A perfect RC car for off-road racing.
  • Can be used both at indoor and outdoor.
  • Highly responsive transmission system with the controller.
  • Shockproof wheel design for extreme racing.
  • Powered by rechargeable 4.8V 700mAH battery.

RC car Buying Guide for beginners: What To Look?

Buying a perfect remote controlled car comes with a number of considerations. As there are a handful of types, structures, prices, and features, picking the right one is confusing enough to do at the instant.

However, as you’ve gone through all of the aforementioned rc cars, it’s time to prepare a micro-shortlist. Go through the thorough buyer’s guide below and narrow down your choices-

Is It Just A Toy or Sports Car?

Remote controlled cars can be divided into two major kinds based on their purpose- toy-grade or hobby-grade. As the name suggests, toy graded cars are just for kid's playtime. And hobby graded RC cars are for adults.

Toy grade cars come with fewer functionalities and less control over the movement. The design and structure are also not top notch. Where hobby grade cars are the exact opposite.

For obvious reasons, toy graded models cost way less than hobby graded ones.

The Body: Tire Size Radio

The car tire size ratio leaves a huge impact on how comfortably and swiftly you can drive it. It's important for the car's overall vehicle as well, but that seems less important comparing the first reason. Ideally, cars with 1/18 or 1/16 ratio seem to be perfect for off-road car controlling.

The Motor, Battery, and Charging

These three are the technical centers of each RC model cars. Let's start with them one by one. Motors are of almost the same type in all of the popular models. If you're buying one for racing off-road, you should give more attention to get motor with high power.Next on, it's the battery.

Both Li-ion and Li-po batteries are seen to be used in cars. The size of the battery(mAH) varies a lot though. However, our recommendation would be to go for a powerful motor as you can.

Charging time mostly depends on the charging source and battery power. However, do look for a model which can be recharged fully within 2 hours. 

How to take care and maintain your remote control cars for longevity?

How to take care remote control cars

When you're done with purchasing your RC car, one of the foremost duties is to take care of it properly.

Here some actionable tips to give you a hand-

When driving on watery surfaces-

  • Make sure to waterproof the electrical connections, wires, and plugs. You can use silicone sealant.
  • If your servo motor inside the car isn't waterproof by its own, do it manually.

To maintain the battery’s good health-

  • Discharge your battery after 7-10 rides.
  • Check whether any internal resistance had been developed or not.
  • Cycle the pack while you’re not using it.
  • Don’t overcharge and beware or bare ports at wet weather.

To maintain the tire’s good health-

  • Clean and soften tires after heavy uses.
  • Use RC car stands to keep the tires safe.

Do these checks on a frequent basis after each drive-

  • Inspect for the bends and breaks.
  • Check for any kind of leaks.
  • Check the ball cups and ball ends for wears.
  • Look for any issues on the bearings or gear mesh.

What are the Top Rated RC cars Brands on The Market

For delicate products like remote control cars, brand value carries on great importance. In fact, we've seen many people shop by brand preferences.

To give you a hand in this regard, here is a list of top RC cars brands on the market of 2018-19. Let's go-


HPI is one of the pioneers in the industry of RC vehicles. One of the good sides of HPI as a brand is, it's creative design team. Almost any of the models that come from this brand's garage, contain some sort of creative designs, however.


Starting back in 1986, Traxxas had been quite a significant part of the evolution of RC gadgets. Especially, they've earned an enormous reputation in manufacturing hobby-graded RC cars.

The best features of this brand are- high-quality components, top-notch hardware, strong assembling etc.


RC veterans would surely keep Losi, as a brand in their favorite list. As a brand, Losi had always focused on making things easy with the help of technology. Eventually, they have come to be the manufacturer of some of the top beginner's RC cars.

Team Associated

Being another giant RC brands, Team Associated had been a talked about name around. They started back then in 1965. And till now, they have the credit to ship thousands of RC cars around the world.

HPI Racing

As the brand name suggests, this particular brand is famous for producing ready-to-race RC models and they really specialize in it. Besides, the like to add a number of the assortment of cars, from Nitro to electric drifts and so on.

Redcat Racing

It's another racing car manufacturer around the US, and they're not just into cars. They're manufacturing RC helicopters, RC drones and so on. In case you're looking for something special, this is the brand we'd recommend to go.

Different Type Of RC cars

While we were digging deep into RC forums to the research behind this question, we got to see tons of posts on the same topic- which RC car should I buy?

Well, we think that there needs a little change in the content. The actual question should be- which type of RC car should I buy?

Well, that’s kind of hard to answer in one sentence. It’s better to have a look all of them and decide which one is a right fit for you. According to KodakTheatre there are 4 types of cars for kids sports. Lets talk about them...

Street Cars

One of the most common types of remote controlled cars is those which are built to run on flat streets. You'll see the size of the tires to be proportionally low in such cases.

Off-road Cars

The most popular kind of RC cars around. Usually, they are used for off-road racing, drifting, rough driving practicing or just extreme RC sports and events. You'll see the tires to be a little larger than a body in these cars.

Also, there will be number protective feature to deal which the shocks and shakes.

Drift Cars

Come cars are likely to have slick tires that are made for drifting. These are usually purchased for drift racing events. And the price tag of these cars is pretty much higher.

Trucks and Crawlers

These two are the types of cars that are made to climb terrains and sloppy surfaces. When it comes to explore the scenario around, or to explore a certain area, these kinds of cars are used.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

1. How many types of affordable RC cars are out there?

Answer: Usually, there are of two types- the hobby grade rc cars under $100  and the toy graded ones within the same price.

2. Do rc cars run on wet surfaces?

Answer: In some of the cases, yes. But you need to ensure that the insider parts are protective against water splashes.

3. How fast can an RC car go?

Answer: Based on the power of the motor and battery, the top speed limit can vary from 20-50 mph.

4. What is the range of controlling RC cars?

Answer: It depends on the capacity of the transmitter remote, and the number of obstacles the car has around it. In most cases, it can go up to 100 meters.

5. Do RC transmitters come with their own remote?

Answer: Where some of the brands provide the car's battery for the first time, almost none of the brands provide the transmitter's battery set.

Final Words

Thanks for going through the long list of top remote controlled cars of the market. Hopefully, you've prepared the shortlist of the quick choices of yours and looking forward to picking one from the list.

Our advice would be not to hanker after the shiny advertisements but to check the price-quality ratio yourself. Even if you’re looking for low-end picks like best rc cars under $100. Talk to an RC enthusiast or have a look in the forums, if you have any particular question to ask.

If you any question regarding these models, you can leave a comment below and we'll be answering that out.

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