Top 10 Best Clock Radio Reviews For The Money 2019

Very few people have an inbuilt alarm system. Sounds weird doesn't it yet, there are individuals whose bodies kick into wakefulness at an appointed hour every single day without needing anyone to wake them up. But, for most of us, this feat is unachievable without the help of an alarm clock to wake us up. 

Fortunately, technology has improved so much that the previously basic alarm clocks now feature additional technology making them an important part of many people’s lives.

Thanks to technology, the alarm clock has rapidly evolved to include many interesting features that make them more useful than just for waking us up. Radio enabled clocks have become a big feature, the ability to listen to your favorite radio station as you wake up or before you go to bed is a welcome addition to the clock.

Other features include wireless Bluetooth connectivity, USB charging, temperature and humidity detector amongst other interesting features.

When choosing a clock, look at its performance and choose one based on your needs and preferences. We will look at some clock radio reviews and provide you with a rundown of what we consider the best clock radio and its key features. Out of this, you can choose the best alarm clock that works for you.

What is clock radio and why do I Need To Use it?

As the name suggests, a clock radio is a device that combines the functions of a radio and an alarm clock. Play the radio at a set time and let it put you to sleep or wake you up.

Some may argue about the point of buying an alarm radio clock when you have the app on your phone? The fact is that smartphones have become one of the leading causes of insomnia and lack of sleep.

There are too many distractions on a mobile phone including games, social media, and videos. The result is that instead of falling asleep or winding down, your mind continues to be alert leading to, needless to say, extreme fatigue the next day. Put the phone away and let the soothing sounds of the alarm get you to sleep.

Alarm clocks do help you sleep better. The original alarm clocks were things found in nature, for instance, the rising of the sun and the crowing of the roosters. Man then used this features to come up with alarm clocks. Yet, it isn't until the late 1800s that people started using alarm clocks in their homes. The clocks have now evolved to incorporate much functionality including radios thus the radio alarm clocks.

How Can radio alarm clocks benefit us?

  • check
    They solve one important issue, how to get wake up! Oversleeping is a common problem and many of us would have a hard time getting to work or appointments without a little extra help.
  • check
    Regularizing sleep – waking up and sleeping at a regular time is extremely beneficial to the body, it also normalizes sleep patterns for the benefit of your body.
  • check
    Peace of mind –with the assurance that our alarm clock is set to wake you up at a particular time, you will be able to relax enough to actually sleep well instead of waking up at odd hours to check the time.
  • check
    An alarm clock will help you organize yourself better – this goes without saying. You wake up on time, get to sleep on time and do not have to deal with running late.
  • check
    Unlike your mobile phone, they do not have UV lights that can be harmful to you. They also do not come with the distractions of mobile phones
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    Using a radio alarm clock you can listen to your favorite radio station and catch up on the news or listen to your favorite music from your smart devices. The timer will automatically switch off the radio so you do not have to get up to switch it off thereby interrupting your sleep.

Our Best Alarm clock radios Reviews For 2019

We will review 12 alarm radio clocks that we feel provide great functionality without breaking the bank.

1. Soundfreaq Sound Rise Wood Alarm Clock FM Radio and USB Charger

Do you like to start your day with the sound of your favorite music instead of the annoying ring of an alarm clock? Soundfreaq sound rise alarm clock will deliver this to you.

Just like the name suggests, Sound Rise was designed with music lovers in mind. The wireless Bluetooth speakers allow you to stream your favorite music to your alarm clock from Bluetooth enabled devices like your phone, tablet, computer or any android devices. You can select what you want to listen to or skip what you don’t by using the wireless buttons on the speaker.

What sound do you like to fall asleep to or wake up to? Just chose whether you want music, a chime or tune in to your favorite radio station. Simply set the sleep or nap timer and let the alarm do its work.

Set your clock for the Monday- Friday weekday and Saturday-Sunday weekend timings in case you want to sleep in a little during the weekend.

Use the blackout option to put off the display or dim it, if the light disturbs you as you try to sleep.

Need to charge your phone or smart devices? Don’t worry because the Sound Rise alarm clock has a USB charger enabling you to wake up to a fully charged phone every morning

Notable features

  • check
    Compact design
  • check
    Wireless Blue tooth speakers
  • check
    FM radio enabled
  • check
    Streaming audio from any smart device
  • check
    Button control for playing and skipping tracks from the speaker
  • check
    An option of music, radio or chime to wake you up
  • A gradual increase in alarm volume
  • Sleep and nap timer
  • Weekday and weekend alarm option
  • The display can be dimmed or put off
  • USB charging port
  • Adjustable dimmer with blackout option

2. DreamSky Deluxe Alarm Clock Radio with FM Radio

The Dreamsky Deluxe alarm clock is by all standards an elegant alarm. Its many functions make it one of the best alarm clock radios.

 4” LCD screen with blue numbers makes it eye-catching and easy to read at a glance. You can adjust the brightness to 3 levels for your viewing comfort. You also have the option of 12 or 24-hour display.

It will also measure temperature in degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit depending on whichever one you find more comfortable.

Inbuilt FM radio allows you to listen to your favorite station as you go off to sleep or when you wake up.  Use the sleep timer which can be set between 10-120 minutes to lull you off to sleep while listening to your pre-set stations. The speakers are very clear and you can adjust volume levels from 0-15

Charge your smart devices using the USB Port.

The alarm ring starts low but gradually becomes louder within 5 seconds. The snooze function will go on for one hour at 8-minute intervals.

It has battery back-up using 3" AAA batteries that you will have to be purchased separately.

Notable features

  • check
    4”LCD screen with blue numbers for easy reading
  • check
    Inbuilt thermometer with degrees or Fahrenheit
  • check
    FM radio
  • check
    1-15 volume adjustment
  • check
    3 level buzzer
  • check
    A USB port for charging smart devices
  • Snooze function with 8-minute intervals for one hour
  • Back-up battery
  • Sleep-timer of 10-120 minutes
  • Brightness control
  • High-quality speakers
  • 12-24 hour display

3. Dorzu FM Digital Alarm Clock Radio with USB Fast Charger

Are you a heavy sleeper who sometimes sleeps through the alarm wake-up call?

Then the Dorzu alarm clock is the perfect choice for you. The alarm clock starts ringing on low then gradually gets to very high meaning that you cannot escape the sound no matter how deeply asleep you were. The advantage is that you will definitely make it to your appointment in good time.

Aesthetically the Dorzu clock is a very attractive clock. With a 1.4 inch LED screen, the display is easy to read at a glance. You can also adjust the level of brightness by choosing either one of the 2 available levels for your comfort.

Have a favorite radio station you always tune into when you are going to sleep or when you wake up?

Then this digital FM enabled phone is great for you. You can let the radio or buzzer wake you up. It has 0-16 level volume adjustment levels and loud clear speakers.  The alarm will ring for 9 minutes without turning off or snoozing and the gradual volume increase will surely get you out of bed.

Charge your phone or any smart devices using the dual USB fast charging port.  The alarm also uses battery back-up with 2” AAA batteries that you will have to purchase separately, this is especially important for times when there is a power outage.

Notable features

  • check
    Large LED display with white number display  for easy reading
  • check
    Fm radio enabled with 16 volume levels
  • check
    12-hour time system
  • check
    2 level brightness level
  • check
    Non-adjustable alarm gradual increase volume level therefore great for heavy sleepers
  • check
    Dual USB fast charging port
  • 9-minute alarm ringing without snoozing or going off
  • Battery back-up in case of power outage
  • 45-day refund for a faulty product
  • 18-month warranty

4. JBL Horizon Bluetooth Clock Radio with Usb Charging and Ambient Light

JBL is a brand that has been at the forefront of innovations in sound reproduction; now imagine that same company applying their technology to deliver a sound system like no other from your alarm clock.

Music lovers will definitely love this JBL Horizon Blue tooth radio clock making it a great contender for the best sounding clock radio. Using wireless Bluetooth streaming, you will get the full impact of the JBL sound technology.

The FM enabled alarm clock allows you to pre-set your alarm clock with up to 5 of your favorite radio stations.

Soft ambient light slowly comes on when the alarm comes on and the light strumming of the alarm will not jar you out of your deep slumber rudely. Unfortunately, you cannot turn off the alarm without putting on the room lights as the off button does not illuminate. 

An inbuilt sensor automatically adjusts brightness so you do not have to do it manually.

You do not need to look for an electrical power supply to charge your smart devices because you can use the dual USB port for fast charging, meaning you can charge two smart devices at once. The backup battery will also ensure that the alarm stays on even when there is a power failure.  Its compact size also makes it great for travel and will look great on your bedside stand.

Notable Features

  • check
    JBL sound stereo technology
  • check
    Wireless Bluetooth streaming compatible with all smart devices
  • check
    Dual USB charging
  • check
    Battery backup
  • check
    An LCD display with ambient light
  • check
    Compact attractive design
  • Two customizable alarms with original tones
  • FM enabled radio with 5 radio presets
  • Automatic light adjustment

5. Emerson SmartSet Alarm Clock Radio with Bluetooth Speaker and Charging Station

Looking for a great gift for a beloved one? The Emerson Smartset alarm would make for one. It is attractive and features wireless Bluetooth speakers and a charging station for your smart devices.

The clock has wireless V4.1 Bluetooth technology that allows you to stream audio content from your smart devices.

Charge your smart devices using the USB port. The manufacturer has included the patented Smartset automatic time setting that enables the phone to automatically pick the time day, month, and year immediately you plug it in or if there is a power interruption that would otherwise interfere with your settings.

Preset up to 20 radio stations using digital tuning and let your favorite station wake you up in the morning. The 1.4" LED display is easy to read even from a distance.

Set your clock weekdays or weekends only as per your preference.

Notable features

  • check
    Wireless Bluetooth speakers
  • check
    USB charging port for your smart devices
  • check
    Automatic time setting
  • check
    Radio enabled with memory for 20 pre-set radio stations
  • check
    1.4” LED display
  • check
    Weekday, weekend or all seven days alarm settings
  • Automatic daylight setting

6. Philips AJ3231 Clock Radio with a mirror finish

Do you want an alarm clock with an MP3 link for portable music playback? The Philips AJ3231 Clock Radio with a mirror finish will provide this and more. The mirror finish with the clear number display gives the clock an elegant look

The alarm clock has a dual alarm so you can set two different times to wake up.  If you do not want to get up, just set the snooze function and it will keep reminding you to wake up.

Use the sleep timer to help you drop off to sleep and select either the buzzer or your favorite radio station to wake you up.

Listen to your favorite music while on the move using the MP3 link for portable music.

The alarm clock has battery backup for the times when there is a power outage.

Notable features

  • check
    Attractive Mirror finish display
  • check
    Snooze function with the repeat alarm
  • check
    Dual alarm settings
  • check
    Sleep Timer
  • check
    Inbuilt ratio
  • check
    MP3 link for portable music
  • Fm radio with analog tuning
  • Battery back-up
  • Adjustable light display

7. Thpoplete 4.2" LED Digital Alarm Clock Radio with Dual Port USB Charger

If you are looking for an alarm clock that you can use in noisy setting and gives you the option of being able to set it for two wake up times then the Thpoplete Clock Radio is perfect for you. The Bluetooth speaker operates on the latest 4.2 Bluetooth technology and has ultra Hi-Fi audio for use in noisy environments. It is accessible from up to 66 feet away, just connect your smart device and enjoy the sound.

Let your favorite radio station wake you up in the morning or if you prefer you can use the standard buzzer as your alarm tone. The snooze function will let you sleep for an extra 5 minutes if you are too tired to get up the first time the alarm rings. The 4” LED screen is easy to see due to the large display.

The hands' free function enables you to make hands free calls. Use the dual USB charging port to charge two smart devices simultaneously. The surge protector will protect your devices in case of a power surge. The clock supports TF card, U disk, and AUX-IN port.

An inbuilt thermometer will measure the temperature of your house while the dimmer allows you to choose 4 brightness levels. The clock uses AC power for all functions while the battery back-up will only save time and alarm in case of power failure.

This alarm clock with its many features makes it one of the perfect clock radios.

Notable Features

  • check
    Dual USB charging port with surge protector
  • check
    2 alarm settings
  • check
    4” LED screen
  • check
    4.2 Bluetooth technology
  • check
    Inbuilt radio
  • check
    Hands-free function
  • Surge protector
  • Inbuilt thermometer
  • Supports TF card, U disk, and AUX-IN port
  • 4 dimmer levels

8. AMIR Alarm FM Radio Alarm Clock with Temperature display

Want to know the temperature before you go to sleep or when you wake up? The AMIR Alarm clock with temperature function is a great buy. The indoor temperature function will let you know the temperature readings and can be set to either Degree Celsius or Fahrenheit depending on which one you are comfortable with.

It has a dual alarm clock that lets you set up two different times. For the days when you are really sleepy, you can set the alarm to snooze up to 12 times. Chose from 7 alarm tones your preferred wake-up sound

For the days you want to sleep to the soothing sounds of your FM radio, simply set the timer to 10-120 minutes and let it put you to sleep. You have the option of listening to your music from headphones in case your partner wants a quiet environment. 

If you need to charge two smart devices at a go, the Amir alarm clock allows you to do this as it has two charging ports. The inbuilt surge protector keeps your devices safe when charging.

The large digital screen makes it easy to read and you have the option of 5 levels of LCD dimming enabling you to choose your preferred level of brightness.

Notable Features

  • check
    Temperature gauge
  • check
    3.2” LED display
  • check
    Fm radio with sleep timer (10-120 minutes)
  • check
    USB with a dual charging port
  • check
    FM radio with a frequency range of 87.5 – 108 Hz
  • check
    Headphones functionality
  • Snooze up to 12 times or ten minutes
  • 7 alarm tones
  • 5 dimmer levels
  • In-built surge protector

9. Lorretta Wake Up Light Sunrise Simulation Digital Alarm Clock

The Lorreta alarm clock would make a wonderful gift to a family member or friend. The clock is also a good choice if you are a snoozer and take too long to wake. The dawn and dusk simulation on the Lorreta alarm clock signals when it is time to wake up and sleep.

30 minutes before the alarm goes off, the LED light gradually becomes brighter and brighter or darker and darker gently stimulating your body into sleep or wakefulness. The touch-controlled LED screen is large and easy to use.

You have the liberty of choosing from 6 natural sounds including music, soothing sounds like waves or forest sounds amongst others. Use the lulling sound of the waves to send you off to lala land or set some upbeat music to wake you up in the morning. You can also use the FM radio as the alarm sound.

Trying to be romantic and need to set the ambiance in your bedroom? Use the 7 light colors and 10 levels of brightness to set the mood whether romantic or for sleeping. Alternatively, if you fancy some light reading before sleeping, set the right level of brightness and enjoy your book with the warm light that will protect your eyes from fatigue brought about by harsh bright light.

If you are going on a trip you can carry the alarm clock and charge it using the universal Micro USB port.

Notable features

  • check
    Dawn and dusk simulation
  • check
    Touch control makes it easy to use
  • check
    Large LED display with 12/24 hour time display
  • check
    6 different sounds of nature to choose from including waves, birds’ songs, forest sounds amongst others.
  • check
    7 color level and 10 brightness levels
  • check
    Best AM/FM clock radio with an 88-108mHz frequency
  • 0-15 adjustable sound level
  • You can charge it using the universal USB port

10. Homtime Alarm Clock with Radio with Wireless Charger and Bluetooth Speaker

Looking for an alarm clock that will look good in the bedroom, office or anywhere in the home?  Then you should consider the Homtime Alarm clock.

The Homtime alarm clock features the amazing Qi-certified wireless charging module. Simply put your phone on top of it, and it will start charging. It is compatible with smart devices that support wireless charging functions including some iPhone (Xs, X, 8 plus, 8) and Galaxy phones (S8/S7/S7 edge/S6). You do not need to take your phone out of its case while it is charging but avoid having metal attachments or credit cards near it as it can interfere with the charging process.

Listen to your favorite radio station on the PLL FM radio station, you can preset up to 20 channels for your listening pleasure or stream music from your smart device onto the Bluetooth wireless speakers and enjoy stereo quality music with enhanced bass.

Adjust the light to your preferred level of brightness whether high, middle, low or off.

Use the hands' free function to make hands free calls.

Notable Features

  • check
    5W Wireless charging
  • check
    FM radio station with 20 radio station storage capacity
  • check
    Stereo and audio speaker with enhanced bass
  • check
    Wireless Bluetooth speaker
  • check
    USB charging port
  • check
    Hands-free function for making calls
  • 9-minute snooze intervals
  • 4 step adjustable brightness levels
  • Adjustable and easy to see LCD Display
  • 18 months warranty period

11. MIZHMI Alarm Clock with FM Radio

The manufacturers of the MIZHMI alarm clock spent a lot of time in the aesthetics as it is a very attractive alarm clock to look at. The large screen is easy on eyes and can be read at a glance. Not surprising as it has 9” screen with 3" high numbers. Set the clock for 12 or 24-hour display depending on what you prefer. Use it in any part of the house or office or take it with you when traveling to give your nightstand at the hotel an elegant look.

Another amazing feature is the 0-100 dimmer. At its brightest, you can read the clock from across the room.

You can set two alarm times and also customize it for weekdays and weekends when you might want to sleep in a little bit longer. Having trouble waking up? Do not worry; the snooze is adjustable from 5 to 60 minutes.

The radio allows you to set the sleep function from 5 to 90 minutes. Use one of your preset stations to wake you up in the morning. You have the option of saving 10 radio stations.

Charge your smart devices faster than usual using either of the two or both 5V/2A USB charging port

This is a pretty basic alarm clock which is easy to set up and to use.

Notable features

  • check
    Attractive LED display
  • check
    9” screen with 3” number display
  • check
    0-100 adjustable dimmer
  • check
    2 wake up times with the option of weekday and weekend setting
  • check
    Up to 60 minutes snooze time
  • check
    Fast dual USB charging ports
  • Radio enabled with memory for 10 radio stations
  • Compact and therefore portable

12. Sony Compact AM/FM Dual Alarm Clock Radio with Large LED Display

As the name suggests the Sony alarm clock is truly compact in its design. Despite the compact size, the design has a large LCD display with bright LED backlighting for easy reading of the time.

The dual alarm allows you to set two wake-up times for you and your partner. You can let your favorite station put you to sleep and wake you up or you can opt for natures alarm sounds like waves, birds, forest sounds rain amongst others. The sleep timer will switch off the radio or sounds based on your settings to allow you to sleep peacefully.

The Sony alarm clock with projections allows you to project the time onto a blank wall or ceiling. Charge your smart devices using the USB port mounted on the side of the alarm clock.

In case of a power failure, the backup battery system will maintain your settings thus saving you the trouble of going through the setup process again.

Notable features

  • check
    AM/FM dual radio with 10 stations pre-set
  • check
    Kubicle Aux Cable (6ft)
  • check
    Soothing nature alarm sounds
  • check
    Dual alarm for two wake up times
  • check
    A large LCD display with white LED backlight for easy reading
  • check
    USB Charging port
  • Time projections
  • Adjustable brightness
  • Back-up battery in case of power failure
  • Sleep Timer

best radio alarm clock Buying Guide For Beginners: What to Look?

When looking for an alarm clock to buy, what are the key things you need to look out for?  Keep in mind the following pointers as you shop around:-


Alarm clocks come in different colors, sizes, and styles. What are its notable features, what additions does it have, can you listen to your radio on it? Does it have Bluetooth speakers that will allow you to stream music from your smart devices? Does it offer the USB charging port? Does it have battery back-up in case of power failure?

List down what you would want in your alarm clock as this will help you narrow down your options.  


A large LED display is good because not only does it look good but it also allows you to see the time at a glance. Chose one with a large bright display for ease of use but of course, this entirely depends on your preference.  Adjustable brightness is also good because it helps you control the brightness or dimness, especially at night when you are winding down to sleep.

Some alarm clocks have the option of projecting on the ceiling or wall which is a great feature. Avoid clocks with very bright light or that you cannot dim because the light will hurt your eyes when you wake up or make it difficult to sleep as the body will think it is still daytime.

Cost of the alarm clock 

Clocks come in a range of prices depending on the features and manufacturer. The more advanced the alarm clock, the more it may cost. Do your research, compare features, compare designs and ultimately chose the clock that fits in with your allocated budget.

Does it have multiple alarms

You may need to set varying alarms depending on their schedules or if you have different wake-up times from our partner. You may also want an alarm that allows you to set weekday and weekend alarm times.

Alarm sound

Modern alarm clocks come with a variety of sounds ranging from gentle chimes to a more abrasive ringing. If you are a light sleeper you may prefer a gentle strumming sound while heavy sleepers will benefit from the loud ring. You can also customize the different alarm times to have different sounds thus acting as an alert for what you need to be taking note of.

Some alarms with a nap or sleep timer have nature’s sounds like waves or forest sounds that can lull one to sleep.

Backup power

In case of a power outage, does your alarm have a backup battery? You should also be able to charge the alarm using a USB charger to ensure it is always on otherwise you may lose the settings especially if it does not automatically sync once the power comes back on.

Volume range

An adjustable volume range is better because you can choose your preferred volume setting. Some are too loud and may startle you out of a deep sleep which is not a good thing. A gentler alarm is best as it will gently bring you out of the slumber. Check if the manufacturer has specified the decibel levels because some may be too high.

Sound output

Some alarms like the JBL Horizon alarm clock have very good sound output. Sound quality is dependent upon the number of speakers and power output. 1-2 speakers and a power output of 1-3 watts will produce good sound quality. Waking or sleeping to quality sound will make your day and night very pleasurable.

Wireless Bluetooth speakers

Bluetooth speakers are convenient to use for their ability to stream audio content from your smart devices. You will also be able to avoid all the configurations required for wired speakers.

Refund policy and warranty

Look for an alarm clock with a warranty. This protects you if the product is faulty, but it also shows the level of confidence the company has in its products. The warranty should cover the replacement of faulty parts and repair. Ensure you get one with a warranty cover

What are the terms for returning faulty alarms? Make sure you have a window period for returns otherwise you could be stuck with a faulty piece of equipment. Most return windows run between 30-45 days.

Safety of the alarm clock

Some products have safety features that protect it for instance surge protector, decibel level indicators, conformity of material used to safety standards. Ensure that your alarm clock has safety features as a value-add.

Additional features to consider

What features should your preferred alarm clock have?  Once again this is totally individual based and include Radio enabled with memory capacity to preset your favorite radio channels, some have the ability to preset up to 20 stations so you will not spend your time searching for your favorites stations. Others have timers and remote control so you can operate it remotely. Look for one with a sleep and nap timer so when you fall asleep it will put itself off after some time.

How to take care of and maintain your clock radio for longevity

Just like any item you spend your hard earned money purchasing, you will need to take good care of your alarm clock if you want to reap maximum benefit from it and if you want it to last. Take note of the following points on how to care for your alarm clock for longevity.

Adhere to manufactures instructions

Most manufacturers usually put very clear instructions on whatever they sell not only to protect themselves against liability suits but to also guide you the consumer on usage. You will see instructions such as ‘avoid exposure to direct sunlight, keep away from heat, do not immerse in water, check power requirements before use, avoid extreme temperatures,  rest it on a flat surface’ amongst other instructions.

DO NOT ignore these warnings, the manufacturers are not giving these warnings to protect themselves from having many returns, rather, they have put the alarm clocks through rigorous testing and know the adverse effects of the natural elements like water and sunlight. Ignore the instructions at your own risk and see your warranty become void.

1. Read instructions 

Before setting up your alarm clock, make sure you have read and understood the instructions given in the manual. Incorrect usage can lead dissatisfaction with the product and worst of all damages to it.  Read and follow instructions carefully, watch videos on how to set up and if you still find it challenging then ask the experts for help. 

If there is any additional hardware required for instance batteries, then stick to the recommendations as much as you can, unless you are absolutely sure what you are using as a substitute will not damage the clock. Seek expert opinion if you are not sure.

2. Power 

Understand the power needs for your alarm clock.


It is important that you understand how much power your alarm clock uses. Most alarm clocks with built-in radios use 1 or 2 Watts while others could use up to 5 Watts.

Power surges

Remember, you will need to plug your alarm clock into a power supply socket unless you are using a battery operated clock. You cannot, with certainty, predict that there will be a constant supply of stable power, power surges do occur. While some do come with an inbuilt surge protector, it does not hurt to be double sure of protection, so please do go ahead and get an additional surge protector.


It will be a good idea to get an alarm clock that uses both AC and DC power as you do not want to miss an important meeting or appointment because there was an outage and your alarm did not reset automatically (not all clocks reset automatically).

Always makes sure the backup batteries are alright. Periodically unplug the alarm clock from the electrical supply and check that the backup kicks in, this will confirm that the batteries are still working. If they are not, immediately replace.

3. Keep it clean

Dirt is an enemy of most electronic equipment. Keep the alarm clock away from dusty areas and wipe it occasionally to ensure that there is no build up of dust. Use a soft clean cloth to wipe the clock, being an electrical appliance it may not be a good idea to use a wet rag. If the grime build up seems to be within the fissures then you may want to consider getting an expert to clean it for you.

4. Take it for servicing

Speaking of experts, do occasionally take your alarm clock for service. If you, for instance, see condensation inside the glass display or you start noticing rust on the metallic parts, then it may need servicing.

Many alarm clocks also have multiple functionalities like a USB port or the radio and they may stop working or start to show some issues. The digital numerical display can also bring problems when some of the segments do not light up resulting in you not being able to correctly see the time. If this happens, let an expert look into the issue as soon as possible.

5. Do not try home repairs

Unless you have training in repairs, do not attempt to repair faulty alarm clocks at home. Let the experts do their job. Remember tampering with the alarm will void your warranty cover in case you need to return or repair the alarm clock.

6. Use recommended hardware

The manufacturer will occasionally recommend the type of hardware to use with the alarm clocks, for instance, the battery that is required for the backup.

7. Be gentle when transporting

If you are going to use your alarm clock when you are traveling, do take due care to ensure that it is well protected. Maintain the packaging it came in and use it when traveling. If carelessly handled, the clock will definitely develop problems.

8. Don’t let the kids play with it

Impress upon your kids that the alarm is not a toy and should therefore not be played with. The LED display and the attractive look of the alarm clock will definitely interest the kids and they may want to play with it. If you have toddlers who are in the exploratory stage of development then you may need to keep the clock away from their reach

Which are the Top Rated Clock Radio Brands on the Market?

When buying an alarm clock, it is important to know the brand you are buying. Yes, the model matters but also look for a company that is known for making quality products, a company that has built its brand name through innovation and customer service.

In this section, we will provide a review of some of the companies that have manufactured the alarm clocks reviewed above.  

1. Sony

Sony is a well-known brand known for its wide range of electronic products, games, movies amongst other ventures. The company has built a great reputation for the quality of its products, its global footprint and its focus on the customer. 

An alarm clock from Sony will definitely adhere to the strict quality standards they have.

2. Philips

This is another company that is known for its wide range of quality products. The company deals in a wide range of goods with great attention to detail and innovative products.

The Philips alarm clock is sure to deliver on its brand promise.

3. Soundfreq

They position themselves as a company that brings music to life.  The company lays emphasis on delivering quality music and this comes through in their Soundfreaq Sound Rise Wood Alarm Clock. If you are a music lover and cannot sleep or start your day without quality music then this is definitely a brand to watch out for.

4. JBL Technology

JBL technology is known for sound reproduction. They apply their technology in a wide range of products including car speakers, headphones and now alarm clocks.

The JBL horizon clock will deliver on sound and many other functions.


AMIR deals in the manufacture and supply of LED lights and electronics. They aim at developing high-quality products and positive customer reviews on their products is a good indicator of the quality of their products.   

Types of Alarm Clock Radios

1. Digital vS. analog

Digital clocks display time in numerals while analog clocks display time by the position of the rotating hands.

Analog clocks can be challenging for some people to tell the time and tend to be a bit noisy because of the ticking sound. They also do not have an LED screen and you will need to put on the lights to read them. They can, however, be more reliable and can run on electricity or mechanically meaning there is no inconvenience to you if power fails or the batteries run flat.

Digital clocks are easy to read and often well lit with adjustable brightness in some. They incorporate many additional features like radio, USB charging amongst others and a lot of attention goes into their design.  They are silent and very precise. You will need to ensure you have an electricity supply or backup power otherwise you will lose all your settings.

2. Battery vS. electrical

Some alarm clocks use battery power only while others use electricity. Aim to get one that has both AC and DC functionalities. The battery backup is important in case of power failure.

Frequently asked questions about alarm clocks radios

1. Do I really need an alarm clock if my phone has an alarm?

There is no yes or no response to this question. However, proponents of alarm clocks like them because they lack the distraction of mobile phones. The modern phones have too much content including games, social media, and videos amongst others. If you truly want to unwind and wake up refreshed then a mobile phone may not be the best companion for you when you go to bed.

2. What is the difference between a digital and analog alarm clock?

A digital clock displays the time using numerals or symbols while analog use the positions of rotating hands.

3. How much power does my alarm clock use?

Modern alarm clocks will average at 2 Watts due to the in-built in features like the radio, speakers, and energy saving modes. The older models that were not so technologically advanced can use up to 5W

4. Will my alarm clock automatically reset in case of a power outage?

It really depends on the model you have purchased.  You may need to reset most digital clocks that run on electricity every time there is a power blackout.  Be very careful with alarm clocks that have no battery back-up as you may end up missing a very important meeting or be late in going

Backup power is very important in case of a power outage. The back-up, much like a generator will kick in and preserve the settings you had. Always ensure your batteries are functional, check their status by occasionally unplugging the clock from the mains. If they have drained replace them immediately.

5. Do alarm clocks allow you to set weekday options?

This depends on the model you have purchased.  Some allow you to set weekday, weekend and all seven days alarms but others do not.

6. Can I set up the alarm clock by myself?

Yes, you can, alarm clocks come with easy to follow instruction manuals that should make the setup process very easy. However, if you face a challenge you should get expert help to avoid tampering with the device in any way.

7. How loud should an alarm clock be?

This is largely an individual choice.  Some people are heavy sleepers and require loud alarm clocks to wake them up. Other people are very light sleepers and a light buzz will work for them. Other clocks will simulate sunlight and sunset thus eliciting a reaction of wakefulness or sleepiness without necessarily making a sound.

8. What is the function of snooze?

Many of us are guilty of not being able to wake up at once when the alarm goes off. Sometimes you are so tired that you just need 5 more minutes of sleep. The snooze button keeps reminding you to get up. The snooze period can range from anywhere between 5-10 minutes and can go on for as long as an hour.

9. What is a sleep timer?

The sleep and nap timer automatically switches off the radio or natural sounds you were using to get you to sleep. It saves you the trouble of having to wake up and switch it off yourself.

10. Do I need a warranty for my alarm clock?

Absolutely yes, make sure you get a warranty to protect you against damaged or faulty equipment. Most warranties should usually cover one year but some offer a longer period. Warranty not only protects you but also gives you an indication that the manufacturer is very confident that their product is good.

Some stores also have a return window, usually about a month for faulty goods.

Be advised that during the warranty return window you should not try any repairs on the phone otherwise you will void the warranty.

Final Word

Despite the rapid technological evolution, some human functions like the need to sleep and wake up at a scheduled time still remain the same.

An alarm clock helps you achieve this and the best alarm clock radio will allow you to enjoy multi-functionality including putting you to sleep listening to your favorite music streaming to your wireless Bluetooth speakers from your smart devices or letting you catch up with the news from your FM radio.

Want to read a little? 

Adjust the brightness in your alarm clock and use it as a reading lamp. Charge your smart devices from the USB ports, measure the temperature in your home all using the alarm clock.

Like a beloved car that  consciously take care of by taking it for service, cleaning and keeping it in pristine condition, you will also need to apply the same level of TLC to your alarm clock if you intend to enjoy it for a long time. Use our guide above to walk you through the alarm clock buying process and let us know your best pick.

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